Our Trade-Up Program

Vero Voce Audio Systems understands that investing a substantial sum of money in a world-class music playback system is anything but a trivial undertaking for most people. To protect your financial investment we offer a six month "like-for-like" trade-up program.

For example, if you purchase a loudspeaker from our range and within six months you decide to upgrade to a higher priced loudspeaker model we will trade-in your original purchase and credit the full amount that you paid for it towards the new model.

To qualify, at the time of upgrade your original purchase must be in as-new condition and a current in-production model; you must retain all packaging and documentation, including your sales receipt; and the upgrade model cannot be discounted from the current recommended retail price. Offer exclusions include any ex-demo clearance item/s, any item in a custom finish or colour, phono cartridges, equipment racks, and accessories such as turntable set up tools.

Phono Cartridge Set Up

Vero Voce Audio Systems has extensive experience and expertise in the area of phono cartridge and tonearm set up and uses the very best tools for the job, the original UNI-Protractor and UNI-P2S from Acoustical  Systems. If you purchase a phono cartridge from us and would like to engage our services to install and optimise its performance in your tonearm of choice we will be happy to provide a quote. Please note that it is entirely your responsibility to remove your old phono cartridge from your tonearm prior to us starting work on the set up of your new phono cartridge. If you purchase a complete turntable/tonearm/cartridge package from us then we will set it up at no cost to you.

Payment and Shipping

Custom items require payment in full at the time of ordering. Examples of custom items include loudspeakers, equipment racks, or MSB Technology electronics in any non-standard paint or surface finish. If an order for a custom item is cancelled for any reason, the invoice amount will be refunded less a 20% restocking fee and any incurred freight and associated costs.

For all other items, a deposit equal to 70% of the recommended retail price is required at the time of ordering with the balance, including any freight costs, due prior to the agreed day of shipping.

Freight is charged to the customer at our cost where applicable. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that one or more able-bodied people are present at the delivery address to accept goods on the agreed day.