SGR Audio

Melbourne-based SGR Audio have been designing and building high quality audio products in Australia for over 15 years but are perhaps best known within the Australian and New Zealand audiophile communities as industry leaders in acoustic suspension “sealed” loudspeaker systems with all-analog active crossover technology. Founded on a passion for music reproduction, the company has grown in step with the rapidly increasing demand for their finely crafted products. In early 2010, a fully-equipped, purpose-built, state-of-the-art production facility was established in order to expand the already formidable engineering and research capabilities of the company.

At the 2017 Munich High End Show, SGR Audio captured worldwide attention with their new Discovery Series bass reflex loudspeakers. Designed to retain the SGR Audio ultra high fidelity sound but at a more accessible price point, the Discovery Series is optimised not with the superior but costly active crossover technology but rather by more traditional means. The tweeter is mounted deep within a waveguide which is CNC machined from billet aluminium. This increases the tweeter’s acoustic output and allows a lower crossover point to be used while physically time aligning it with the output of the midrange driver.