PSI Audio

In typical home listening rooms, a mix of midrange and high-frequency passive absorption/diffusion panels work well to reduce flutter echoes and to adjust the room's RT-60 decay time above 300 Hz. But the wavelengths of the low frequencies are longer than the room's physical dimensions and cannot be reproduced without reflecting axially back and forth between rigid and non-moving parallel boundaries.

Without proper bass trapping to lessen the severity of these inherent modal issues, the bass frequencies are uneven, indistinct, and tend to mask the clarity of the upper frequencies at the same time.

To absorb down to 20 Hz would require a porous absorber up to 4.3 meters thick and this simply is not a viable option in most home listening rooms. Which is why Vero Voce Audio Systems is proud to introduce the Acoustic Velocity Active Absorber (AVAA) C20 from Switzerland’s PSI Audio.

Measuring just 424 mm (w) x 509 mm (h) x 300 mm (d), the wedge-shaped AVAA emits no sound or "anti-noise" and does not impact the direct sound of your loudspeakers. The AVAA works like a passive velocity absorber but is more efficient, takes up much less space, and is designed to complement your existing, passive acoustic room treatments. A single AVAA has a 0.2 square meter surface area but will provide up to 20 times the equivalent absorbent area, i.e. 4 square meters.