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In Italian, “vero voce” means “true voice”. The name Vero Voce Audio Systems was chosen because every product or system that we offer is designed to have vanishingly low levels of colouration or distortion so that you can experience the true voice of your treasured music collection.

The idea of a truly transparent audio system often gets a bad rap among audiophiles. Many describe such a sound as “hyper-detailed” while lacking in “body” or short-changing the music’s emotive qualities. The reality is that such systems do exist and they are far from transparent. Their distortions simply represent the yin to the yang of the more traditional Pipe and Slippers approach which is characteristically rolled off at both ends of the audible frequency range while lacking focus and resolution of inner detail.

The Vero Voce Audio presentation is very different! Your music is reproduced with linearity which means clean transients; lifelike dynamics; an uncanny recreation of the original recording space and the performers within it; incredible three-dimensional image focus, scale, and weight; and realistic timbre or tonal colour. All qualities which are abundantly present in live acoustic music but which often go unnoticed, which is exactly as it should be. A Vero Voce Audio System presents the music as it was recorded, with its “true voice” intact.

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