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And so it begins

I would like to begin by welcoming you to the website of Vero Voce Audio Systems.

If you have found your way here then chances are you are as passionate as we are about recorded music and the equipment which brings it to life.

Despite being a relatively new business, Vero Voce Audio Systems founder Aaron Reynolds has been obsessed with both music and high fidelity audio for most of his 40 plus years.

His love of music started in primary school following an excursion to see the Sydney Symphony Orchestra perform Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf at the Sydney Town Hall. From that point on he was an avid collector of vinyl records and a very late adopter of the compact disc.

His first exposure to high end audio came during his teenage years when he visited Josef Riediger’s original Audio Connection store in Bankstown and Ceto Sandoval’s Audio Excellence in Drummoyne. In those dimly-lit, character-filled Hi-Fi Meccas his eyes and ears were opened by products from Audio Research, Wadia Digital, Mark Levinson, ProAc, Thiel, Genesis, Apogee, Sonus Faber, Gryphon Audio, Sonic Frontiers, MartinLogan, and Infinity. The audio virus had firmly taken hold and there was no known cure.

After finishing high school, Aaron studied a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Sydney, gaining First Class Honours, before completing a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in the area of organic chemistry. He then worked as a post-doctoral research fellow for seven and a half years on a variety of projects, publishing in international peer-reviewed journals and presenting at conferences.

Growing tired of the uncertainty that comes with a career in science, Aaron hung up his lab coat for the last time and went back to school to pursue his love of colour and design. After completing a Certificate IV and Diploma at the International School of Colour & Design, he started his own consulting business called Chromazones, which focused on everything from kitchen cabinet and bathroom tile selections through to paint colours. However, the thing that really set Chromazones apart was its integration of high end audio and video solutions into beautiful interior spaces. It was clear that Aaron had both an eye and an ear for detail.

Aaron married Alison, the love of his life, in December 2016. They are about to start major renovations and an extension of their modest three bedroom home in the beautiful lower Blue Mountains. Construction will include a dedicated, purpose-built listening room incorporating sound isolation principles and tasteful acoustic treatments. It was Alison who encouraged Aaron to once again pursue his passion for hi-fi and design which is why Vero Voce Audio Systems was created. Vero voce means "true voice" in Italian and is rather fitting given Aaron's personal goals in audio playback.

The progress of our new listening room will feature in regular news posts so be sure check back regularly. Also keep an eye out for special events designed to showcase the wonderful products of our carefully selected industry partners.

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